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Got Numbers on the brain?
A Lecture Series on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

On the weekend of the 18th through the 20th of May, Lutheran Student Fellowship at Stanford and Trinity Lutheran Church hosted a weekend lecture featuring the Rev. Dr. Nathan Jastram.  Trinity was also privileged to have Dr. Jastram preach and teach Bible class on Sunday morning.  Dr. Jastram is currently a professor of theology and Biblical languages and the chair of the theology department at Concordia University Wisconsin.  In addition to his work of service to our Lord by training young men for the pastoral ministry, Dr. Jastram also is a reputable scholar on the Dead Sea Scrolls.  He received his doctorate from Harvard having published the scroll of Numbers (4QNumb).  Dr. Jastram’s work on the scrolls continues to expand through presentations such as this weekend’s lecture series and through several writing contracts, including his work as editor on the book of Numbers for the Oxford Hebrew Bible Project.  This lecture series on the Dead Sea Scrolls was a marvelous opportunity for the community of Trinity and Stanford to learn more about the scholarly work done by Dr. Jastram and others on the scrolls, to understand the profound witness of the scrolls to both the historicity and veracity of God’s Word in the Old Testament, and to gain knowledge of the ancient world through these scrolls.  Trinity looks forward to future lecture series on a wide variety of topics vital to the life of Christians today.