Previous studies have included:
  • "Paul's Letter to the Romans." The most recent study took us through what Luther calls "an introduction to the Old Testament." Romans gives us a great starting point for any future study of the Bible.  Join us as we read and discuss St. Paul's epistle to the Roman Christians.
  • "Lutheranism as a Confession" The truth of Jesus Christ crucified for sinners comforts us now and until our Savior's return.  We are Christians.  So why Lutheranism?  We as Christians find the biblical truth faithfully presented in Lutheranism.  It is our confession because Christ is our confession!  We read and discussed "On Being a Christian: A Personal Confession" by Henry Hamann.
  • "The Book of Psalms" "What do the Psalms have to do with me?  I don't live in Babylon!  No one is trying to take my life!"  Through the lens of the Lord's Prayer we are learning to pray the Psalms and make them our own.
  • "On Being a Theologian of the Cross."  How do we become theologians--ones who think and speak about God.  Luther says "The cross alone is our theology."  What does this mean?  How does the Cross define how both the world and the Word shape our lives.
  • "There's nothing minor about the Minor Prophets"  The Minor Prophets, or the Book of the Twelve, were examined in the fullness of their Christocentric nature and how those preachers of the final days of Israel and Judah preach to us today.
Trinity Lutheran Church
Stanford Campus Ministry
Lutheran Student Fellowship / Christ on Campus
The Fall 2010 study will be announced.
The first study will occur at 7:00 p.m., September 28 in CIRCLE, the 3rd floor of the Old Union; it will be in room 315, the seminar room.